Logistics and transportation solutions.

GUME Group is your expert advisor in the study of logistics and project transportation, in our services you will have an economic benefit by having a door-to-door service.

CCTV system

Our offices, warehouses, patios and workshops are equipped with infrared cameras, monitored and recorded 24/7 for merchandise security.

Satellite Technology

Our units are equipped with global positioning system (GPS) for the safety and prompt location of our customers' cargo.

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Our services

Our coverage in the industrial sector.

We look for the best solution for your specific needs and according to the industrial sector of your company.

We cover the logistics of different sectors of the industry, from bulk products, steel, wood, glass and much more.


Bulk products

We optimize supply chains and safely move your products in bulk.

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Wood, steel or glass products

Transportation of raw material to distribution centers.

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Dangerous materials

Compliance with safety regulations to maintain the integrity of the product.

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Innovative, reliable and tailored solutions for machinery logistics, where and when they are needed.

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Our logistics experts act as an extension of your team, contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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